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The potential for finding work on an online freelance platform like JobFlancer is much higher than other channels. Consequently, there is also a larger pool of competition on the platform looking to get hired. With so many Freelancers offering freelance professional services, it is imperative that your Profile effectively communicates your qualifications and capabilities to prospective Employers looking for talent on our site.

With the latest update on JobFlancer, we have redefined the content experience on Profiles to offer more information to potential Employers. You can express your unique identity on your Profile and motivate Employers to connect with you. 

Here are the key elements of a Profile on JobFlancer and suggestions on how you can best make those work to your advantage.

1. The Profile Picture

The first thing a prospective Employer will see on your Profile is your picture. Your Profile photo helps Employers identify you and develop the right impression of you. When adding a picture, keep it simple and make sure you are smiling. A warm, professional picture encourages Employers to click on your Profile and know more about you. If you are an Agency, you can also add your brand logo.

2. Video

The video extends your Profile image by providing a glimpse into the more interactive you. It’s a powerful tool to communicate what you can offer potential Employers. Add a simple two-minute video that showcases who you are, your skills, your experience, and above all, reasons why you should be hired. You can share information about yourself, include team members, add video testimonials from past Employers, and even showcase work you have done for them. 

3. Profile Banner

Think of the Profile Banner as a professional banner ad promoting your freelance business. Ask yourself what you would include if you were to advertise your services. Then create a banner ad that best describes your core offering and upload it on your Profile.

4. Services

Your services describe what you can offer Employers. They play an integral role in getting you hired and helping you find jobs on JobFlancer that are best suited for you.

Make sure your services accurately describe your abilities. When creating each service, keep these tips in mind:

a. Include the core skill/deliverable you offer in the title. The title attracts Employers to know more and click on it.
b. When writing each service description, clearly describe what you can offer Employers.
c. Help Employers understand your competencies. Describe your skills, qualifications, and experience in as much detail as possible to convince prospective Employers to hire you.
d. Give at least three good reasons why you (and not someone else) should be hired for the job.
e. Create as many services as you need, ensuring each is well defined and specific. This makes it easier for Employers to understand what you do so well.

5. Portfolios

Use portfolios to authenticate your services. Portfolios indicate what kind of work you have done for other Employers and the quality of work that you provide. Portfolios also help you differentiate your service from similar services offered by other Freelancers on JobFlancer. So for each service you add, share examples of your best work by creating portfolios.

6. About Us

Use the About section of your Profile to describe who you are, your interests, education, qualifications, awards, certifications, and publications. This is your opportunity to impress upon Employers that you possess the right experience and background for providing the services you promote.

To start with, you must add detailed and complete information on your Profile so that potential Employers are encouraged to connect with you. 

What You Can Do Next

Browse Profiles of other successful Freelancers through the Find Freelancers tool. Observe their pages and get inspired. Then create/update your Profile that establishes your unique identity.

Remember to be professional, authentic, and showcase the best of what you have to offer.

JobFlancer is an online freelance marketplace that helps Freelancers and Employers to get work done securely, flexibly, and cost-effectively. If you are a Freelancer you can find freelance jobs that match your skills on JobFlancer.



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