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No project too big or too small

Post a Project

Getting started on Jobflancer is easy. Once you have created an account, you are ready to get started. If you have a project in mind and looking for the best freelancer to meet your budget and deadline, post it on Jobflancer using our writing tools. Our platform is programmed to guide you through the project posting process. It will ask you all the necessary questions to help you put up a comprehensive job post that is understandable to the freelancers. You will be guided until the project is ready for publishing. 

When posting the project, give it a descriptive title of what the project is all about. After the title, describe the project requirements and be as detailed as possible. This will help you find the candidates with the exact skillset. If necessary, ad any files to help explain the project better. You may even attach some examples or photos of what you need from the freelancers.

You should include at least five skills that you expect from the right candidate. Include the project type and your budget.


A vast collection of skills

Discover Incredible Freelancers

Our ProFinder does all the daunting task of finding you the best freelancers for the project. After analyzing your project post and skills requirements, the ProFinder alerts the qualified freelancer about the project. You will get top suggestions, and each of the freelancers will respond to your project with their personalized proposals.

Introducing offers

Uncover New Ways to Grow Your Business

JobFlancer provides you with unique opportunities to discover ways that you can grow your business. We aim to help you save money while getting the best services for our project. Explore our fixed-price offers, which offers you the freedom to analyze ideas cost-effectively. Our offers are super affordable, and once you are satisfied with the services you get, you can request a follow-on project.

Communicate and pay with ease

Meet project stream

Project management can be time-consuming and could even turn to be your full-time job, but not with the help of our project streams. The project streams help to keep the project organized and make communication with the freelancers easier. You can easily send feedback, receive files, and make project changes all on the same platform.

Perhaps you are looking for several freelancers to work on different parts of the project. We have you covered with our pool of freelancers covering different departments. You can go through the various suggestions to select the right professionals for each stage of the project.

Review Proposals

While all our freelancers are thoroughly screened before getting into our platform, you have the chance to review the personalized proposals sent by each freelancer. Our candidates are all highly rated and reviewed, so the proposal review will only take you a few minutes.


Our platform is designed to make communication between employers and freelancers seamless. We provide you with a marked inbox for structured threads to make communication easy and organized. This also makes invoicing super easy. Once you have reviewed the proposals and selected your best candidate, you can communicate via inbox for further details regarding the project and any changes you wish to make.

Pay Freelancers With a Tap

Your funds are always protected and will not be released to the freelancer until you give us the go-ahead. Our payment system holds the money in an escrow account. It is released to the freelancer once the project is considered complete and satisfactory.

We strive to keep Jobflancer a safe space to collaborate and make great work happen. In order for you to collaborate in confidence, we offer certain protection towards our buyers. To benefit from this protection it is essential that you keep all communication with the freelancers on our platform so we can monitor and assess the situation objectively.

We ban fraud
We monitor every transaction 24/7 and use identity identification to protect our users from phishing, fraud and identity theft. If we notice anything out of the ordinary, our dedicated payment specialists will act immediately to stop fraudulent transactions.
You have our promise that we will never share your personal details without your permission or ask for any sensitive information unless we’re required to do so by the law.

Rate your freelancer

Rating helps us to improve our services. Help us establish if a freelancer is worth being on our platform or not. If you are satisfied with their services, be sure to leave a five-star rating

Find an expert for anything

Work with curated freelance talent from all over the world.
Manage the entire project within Jobflancer..
Pay securely with confidence.

Join the elite

Apply to become a certified freelancer

The first step is to sign up to access our platform. Once you have created an account, click on the application tab where you will find all the requirements for application. For you to be allowed to our freelancer platform, you must send an application explaining why you feel that you deserve to be there. Remember that you are looking for a job amid thousands of competitors, and you have to stand out to be accepted. We only accept quality freelancers, and it will therefore take more than a simple application to prove that you are worth being part of a pool of freelancers.

The key to a successful application is to read all the instructions to ensure that you enter all the required details. Select what role you wish to apply for, including the services you can offer and what skills differentiate you from other applicants. Remember that you can apply for more than one role, but you have to do this separately. Once you apply, our team will review your application and get back to you with a response. If you are fit for our platform, you automatically become a certified freelancer under your applied role type. If your application is not successful, you will be notified, and you are free to re-apply some other time. Note that you should only apply to roles that match your skills to increase the chances of being accepted.

Make yourself stand out

Build a Great Profile

Now that you have been accepted in our freelancers’ team, it is time to work on your profile to increase the odds of landing gigs. Remember that our job is only to get you on our platform, but the employers make independent decisions to hire you. The best part about our platform is that you do not have to create a classical C from scratch. We have a predesigned template, and all you have to do is fill in the blanks to complete your profile. Your profile should read 100% complete to qualify as one of our top freelancers.

Nonetheless, it would be best if you did not treat this as a checkbox exercise where you tick nearly everything without analyzing the results. Take your time to create a quality profile by explaining what values you can offer businesses, and do not forget to include your experience. Your profile should tell potential service buyers about your education and expertise even before they get to communicate with you. This is the information they see when they click on your profile, and you, therefore, should make it substantial and valuable. Do not overdo it. Keep things short but concise, explaining why you are the best freelancer.

Search and saved-searches

Find the Perfect Projects for You

Finding a project on Jobflancer is easy because we do the connection job for you. With a great profile and detailed skills and expertise, you can relax and let us find you the perfect tasks that match what you are capable of.

The key to finding a job is to only apply for projects that you are sure you can do. As much as you want to make quick cash, you should not rush to send proposals to every potential client that comes on your notification. There is no point in sending a bid if you know you cannot complete the job on time and meet the buyers’ expectations. Remember that how you perform will build or crush your reputation. If clients are always complaining about your services or giving your low ratings, you will be disqualified and no longer be part of our platform.

When applying for projects, craft a relevant proposal keeping in mind we do not have control over the service buyers’ decision. Remember that several of you are applying for the same project, so you have to give it your best to get the gig.

Create bespoke packages

Offer Your Best Skills at Your Best Price

To build your reputation and stand a chance for more gigs, offer your best and do it at a reasonable price. Every freelancer on our platform is different and has different values to provide to the buyers. It would be best if you did not let our designated skill categories define you. Instead, express your expertise with personalized offers to help you stand out as the best among the many applicants. Sell our customized services in bite sizes to help you build a strong and long-lasting relationship with buyers. You may offer discounts to show buyers that you care, and you want to help them grow their businesses. However, while the hourly rates mostly depend on your skill set, you should not agree to work for peanuts, as this will only devalue your quality.

If you have extensive experience, the price should match that experience. If you are new to the industry, be willing to accept a low price as you work on gaining more experience. The key is to make sure the price is reasonable and not let the urge to make huge profits fast mislead you or make you lose opportunities. Prove you have something valuable to offer the buyer before setting the price.

The collaboration hub

Meet Project Streams

As a good freelancer, you should understand the importance of project management. You should also know that it takes more than delivering the services at the end of the project. It would help if you did not go mute as soon as the project is sent to you and only come back to the buyer when everything is complete. Managing a successful project requires collaboration and constant response from both sides. 

Our platform has project streams that you are expected to meet before terming a task as complete. The goal of these streams is to ensure collaboration during tasks and ensure everything remains organized. It allows you to communicate with your employee and share feedback regularly in one place.

Your Proposal, Your Way

You will get alerts for all projects that match your skills and expertise. After reviewing the project, it is up to you to decide if you wish to send an application or pass. It a project interests you, you should send a complete personalized proposal responding to the buyer’s post.

The quality of your proposal will determine if you will qualify for the job, and you, therefore, should take your time to craft a professional one. Focus on explaining what values you can offer and how you can help the buyer solve their current problem. If you have any inquiries regarding the project, ask them as this shows that you are keen on details. If you have any suggestions on how you can improve the client’s request, be free to air your views. The more open you are in your proposal, the higher your chances of getting the job.

Again, when sending your proposal, be realistic with the budget. You do not want the client to think that you are only after their money. Moreover, it would be best if you were reasonable with the milestones to ensure that you can meet the deadline rather than raising the client’s expectations only to fail them in the end.

Easy Invoicing

Once you are done with the project and the client is satisfied with the services, Jobflancer provides you with an effortless way to directly send your invoice. You can relax as you are always protected from the minute the buyer accepted your proposal. Everything is readily prepared for you, so all you have to do is decide if you are ready to send the whole amount or decide what values you wish to enter. 

Our system collects all your invoice data automatically, thus saving your time. Once you send the invoice, the buyer is instantly notified to authorize the release of the payment from escrows. The funds are then moved from the protected account to your Jobflancer account.

Build Lasting Relationships With Clients

Every freelancer’s dream is to have a continuous job flow, which you can achieve by cultivating your relationship with clients. Be passionate about what you do and strive to offer them the best quality services so they will come back to you for their next project.

Buyers love working with Jobflancer because they enjoy the skills and abilities you have to offer. They can put that to practice and watch their businesses grow. It would help if you never remained in the comfort zone. If a client accepts your proposal, and you feel you have something valuable to add to whatever they want, be free to share. The project stream is made to help you manage ongoing and recurring projects, and how well you handle the projects will establish if you will have more coming your way.

Provide Quality Experiences

Jobflancer is a professional freelancers’ platform. Buyers expect professionalism from you. They expect you to meet deadlines and follow all the instructions. The buyers will review and rate your services at the end of the project. You should, therefore, strive to create a good impression. A good rating will increase your ranking and visibility. Providing quality experiences offers your more tremendous success on Jobflancer.

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